Aoide uses both archaic and modern instruments to bring traditional Finnish melodies to the present day and via improvisation forms music that is at the same time ancient and new, soft and fierce, still and constantly evolving. In summer 2018 in Kaustinen Folk Music Festival Aoide won a nationwide ’Konsta Jylhä competition’ held by the Finnish Folk Music Institute and was greatly acclaimed for their incomparable musicianship, deep understanding of Finnish archaic music and passionate performances.

Heli Hartikainen – woodwinds
Minttu Hellstén – voice
Jenni Venäläinen – kantele
Essi Hirvonen – double bass


Tanssiteatteri Auraco:
Hartikainen works as a musician in ’Tuntu’ – dance theatre piece which is part of an EU project ’Small Size, Performing Arts for Early years’.



Peloton – collective:
Dance Like a MoFo

As a fiiresaxophonist:
Fire theatre Tulikansa
Maria Baric Company