Heli Hartikainen is a Helsinki based saxophonist, clarinetist, composer and performing artist whose training and interests lie in experimental free improvisation and multidisciplinary art. The connection between sounds, visuals and movement is one of her most important sources of inspiration so working with dance and performance has always been especially dear to her. Hartikainen boldly combines archaic shepheard melodies to the expressiveness of free jazz resulting in distinctive soundscapes from ambient to avantgarde.

Hartikainen performs both solo and in ensembles and works as an instrument teacher and a studio musician. 

Hartikainen has studied classical clarinet playing and jazz saxophone and is currently finishing her master’s degree in the folk music department of the Sibelius Academy of the University of the Arts, Helsinki. Within her folk music studies Hartikainen has especially researched the ancient styles of improvisation and the aesthetics of repetitiveness. Hartikainen is also keen on experimental usage of live electronics; in her master’s project she examines resonance and overtones in the means of electroacoustic improvisation. The concert, an experiment on the concepts of sound installation and ambient music gig,  will take place in Black Box of Musiikkitalo, Helsinki during spring 2022.

Hartikainen is also known for her art folk ensemble Aoide